Push boulders into the sea to create a passage to the next island! Can you reach the palm tree and complete all 12 levels?

Instructions: Move with the arrow keys, U/Z to undo and R to reset. Open the level select by clicking on it or pressing L. After you beat the first level there are always three levels unlocked at a time.


The game bar is still in active development, so please report any issues you might run into (can also be done directly in the comments).


This is a PuzzleScript port of the freeware game Landfill by Torben Osted which was released in 2005. Sadly I was unable to find any other digital trace of him. I started porting it because the I liked the original but disliked not having access to undo, then I kept embellishing it with custom sprites and some realtime animations.


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This is a great port! One little thing - if I click select level, then I can enter any number and go to the corresponding level, even if it is not unlocked.
I also like visually the palm tree as an endpoint, but if someone skips the intro, it is not immediately clear that's where they needs to go. If you want to keep the palm tree, then maybe you should indicate better it is the target?
Finally, I have a (non-commerical) website for my favorite puzzles, puzzleprime.com. I plan to make one for my favorite puzzle games soon and wanted to ask for permission to include Landfill there. Of course, I wouldn't embed any ads into the game and will credit you on the page, with a backlink:)

Yeah, the level select is still in active development. It has since received a few updates, I will update it for this game when I come back from vacation in two weeks (:

Feel free to publish it as-is, you can also wait for the update. If you are interested in hearing about fresh puzzle game releases I highly recommend you look up the Thinky Puzzle Games Discord!

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Pretty cool game, but I would start with an easier level. Also instead of a palm tree I think a flag or star as exit would be more intuitive. Other than that the graphics are really good for a PuzzleScript game.


Nice game. Thanks. I haven't played Landfill but this did remind me of Alan Hazelden's Skipping Stones to Lonely Homes. It's odd that the level difficulty gets easier as you go along, but it was a bit of a relief.

Yeah I've decided to leave the levels mostly as is, added a total of two boulders which slightly changes the solutions to 1 and 12. Just imagine beating this game without having access to undo :O