Push boulders into the sea to create a passage to the next island! Can you reach the palm tree and complete all 12 levels?

Instructions: Move with the arrow keys, U/Z to undo and R to reset. Open the level select by clicking on it or pressing L. After you beat the first level there are always three levels unlocked at a time.


The game bar is still in active development, so please report any issues you might run into (can also be done directly in the comments).


This is a PuzzleScript port of the freeware game Landfill by Torben Osted which was released in 2005. Sadly I was unable to find any other digital trace of him. I started porting it because the I liked the original but disliked not having access to undo, then I kept embellishing it with custom sprites and some realtime animations.

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Made withPuzzleScript
TagsPuzzleScript, Sokoban, Turn-based
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Pretty cool game, but I would start with an easier level. Also instead of a palm tree I think a flag or star as exit would be more intuitive. Other than that the graphics are really good for a PuzzleScript game.


Nice game. Thanks. I haven't played Landfill but this did remind me of Alan Hazelden's Skipping Stones to Lonely Homes. It's odd that the level difficulty gets easier as you go along, but it was a bit of a relief.


Yeah I've decided to leave the levels mostly as is, added a total of two boulders which slightly changes the solutions to 1 and 12. Just imagine beating this game without having access to undo :O