Can you move the pieces over to the right in this 'Towers of Hanoi' type puzzle? While it may look deceptively straightforward I can assure you it is not. This is because the pieces can not sink deeper than their color indicates.

How to play / controls:
>     pick up and drop pieces with the up/down key
>     move between the columns with the left/right key
>     you have access to a small storage slot on top of the left column, place/retrieve pieces from there with up/down key as well

original design:
>     'Panex Junior' by dutch designer Oskar van Deventer (which itself is based on the Panex sliding puzzle)

PS: a smart person pointed out that this game is trans rights themed because 'trans-' means across, you have to move things across and also you have to move things right.

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Tagsoskarvandeventer, panex, PuzzleScript, sliding


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aaah my brain...

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hey, thanks a bunch for playing on stream! just released a variant that makes the game more accessible and inaccessible at the same time ;)


aa i love this game! but it's so difficult >.<