Bodenhorizont is a frustraZen game about growing your roots and the limits of control. It was made for ludum dare 48 which had the theme 'deeper and deeper'.

code & concept: mon (@minotalen)
art & sprites: Mer Grazzini (@mergrazzini)

we suggest you listen to this compilation of plant music while playing to set the mood:

There is a Discord to share screenshots and achievements, but expect it to be mostly empty.

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Authorsminotalen, Mer Grazzini
Made withPuzzleScript
TagsLife Simulation, Ludum Dare 48, plant, playable, PuzzleScript, zen
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksLudum Dare


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Discord server down...

hi, I updated the link. but be warned, the discord is even deader than it used to be...

Very cool little game!

Very nice experience and a nice concept. Slight spoiler if you read further as a player.

However, how do you know you're done? Is it a matter of having used all open ends and crossings? And how can I get through the layer of rock surrounding the chest?


Hi, thx a bunch for your comment :)

* spoilers below *

I am going to SPOIL some things that you can achieve: there is a fixed amount of seeds in each layer. Growing flowers from these seeds makes markers in the sky light up, so you could try getting all of the seeds and reading all the notes. Another goal to strive for is finding the glasses which allow you to switch into a screenshot mode. To get the chest at the bottom you need another item (found higher up). 

My personal definition of 100% is all seeds, notes + glasses + chest. But tbh I think it's unrealistic to expect getting everything, you've reached your personal 100% when you feel no need to play further (; 

Oh, and a basic thing that players sometimes miss is the ability to create a crossing in a spot of choice after every grown seed (aka using your charge).

[spoilers below]

Thanks! This helps, I was indeed figuring that I need to get all things and seeds, just wasn't sure. Have found all items except the one for the rocks, so I'll have another go probably. It's not about the goal completely, the experience itself is also nice! I did read the note that mentioned how to make crossings indeed. Also found out the teleport option.

Well, you don't need to achieve anything and there is no in-game fanfare for getting 100%.  I've definitely found myself hunting for completion anyways and it's doable with some luck, but I don't think it's more fun than the first few explorations and discovering how the vine works. Then again I can't really explore or discover my own game so what do I know :D


how the h*ck was this made in puzzlescript. incredible!!!!!!